Puppy Preschool Graduation Photography

Cute puppy lying down at puppy preschool graduation

Puppy preschool is an important time in a young dog's life when they learn correct social interaction with other dogs and people, basic commands and just generally have fun.

Group puppy preschool photo sessions are arranged by your instructor and take place during your class. Your puppy's photo will then go on the wall of graduates in your puppy school, so everyone can see how clever he or she is. Because this is a special occasion just for puppy preschool graduates, no dogs from outside the class are allowed.

COVID restrictions have made it difficult for some clubs to run group puppy preschool classes, instead opting for 1 on 1 or remote classes. I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to celebrate their puppy's achievement, so I offer photo sessions at an alternative location such as a local park or private sessions inside your regular classroom.

Prices go down to $30 per print the more people from a class attend a session.

I use ambient light in the area to take a range of styles like sitting, lying down, head shots and even have some tiny mortar boards (graduation caps/hats) to commemorate the day. Each puppy is photographed separately, but puppy groups from the same class are welcome to be photographed together. You can even be in the photo too.

If you are a puppy preschool instructor in the Greater Melbourne area and would like to offer professional photos for your class contact me to arrange a group session. Each puppy receives a personalised certificate with his or her photo and the school gets a free photo of each graduate to go on the wall.

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