End of Life/Life Celebration Memorial Photography

Old dog with her head in her owner's hands

Finding out that a member of your family has a terminal illness is a distressing and emotional time for pet owners.

I receive a lot of enquiries from people looking to commemorate the life of their pet before they pass. I’m very uncomfortable taking money from people who are in pain and although I’m not in a financial position to offer this service pro bono, I can do it at a significantly reduced rate as long as my expenses are covered.

Time and comfort of the animal are important factors with memorial photography, so I will bring my portable studio to your home or local park (somewhere your pet is happy and at ease) for a short session of around 30-45 minutes depending on how comfortable your pet is. You will receive one 11x14 inch and two 8x12 inch matted portraits printed on fine art paper. Pick your favourite photos from your private, online gallery.

Portraits are printed on fine art paper and presented inside a white mat. This reduced-price service is only available to pets with a terminal illness who have been referred by a vet.

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