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Dog dressed as an elf sitting on Santa's lap for Santa Paws photos
November, 2021 | Santa Paws

Santa Paws Christmas Photos 2021

Santa Paws is going ahead for 2021! Get the dates, times and locations here.

Jess Holmes Pet Photography Instagram account
July, 2021 | Social Media

I Created an Instagram Account

I’ve decided to succumb to pressure and create an Instagram account. Now I need to learn the lingo #boomer.

Tired dog sleeping at puppy preschool graduation wearing a cap
May, 2021 | Puppy Preschool

Professional Graduation Photos during COVID Restrictions

COVID 19 restrictions have made it difficult for some clubs to run puppy preschool classes. Find out how you can still get professional photos for your puppy preschool graduation.

Old dog with her head in her owner's hands
April, 2021 | Life Celebration Photography

Celebrate the Life of your Pet

Finding out that a member of your family has a terminal illness is a distressing and emotional time for pet owners.

Dogs sitting on Santa's lap in an Australian beach theme Christmas for Santa Paws
November, 2020 | Santa Paws

Santa Paws 2020

Great News. Santa Paws Christmas photos can go ahead for 2020! Find out the dates and times now.

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