About me

Hi, my name is Jess and I’m a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP).

I began photography many years ago with a Pentax film camera. Although cameras may have changed since that time, my attitude to photography hasn’t. I strongly believe in getting the shot right in camera so that things don’t need to be “fixed” in Photoshop. I’d rather a photo is a real picture of you and your pet, not a fake Photoshopped image. However, if you have a pimple pop-up overnight, or some hair gets in your dog’s eye, I can remove that free of charge.

I don’t take hundreds of photos hoping to get lucky and then pick the best one. This means I take my time during a photo shoot.

Why use a portrait studio?

We live in a world where technology is all around us; the phone in your hand is a better camera than the one I grew up with. Your phone probably has hundreds of photos of your pet already. Maybe you even had to upload some to the cloud to make room for more pet photos.

cat eyes

When it comes to photos of your pet at home when they are sleeping, being funny or making that face you will always have more opportunity to get the shot. I don’t want to be a stranger who comes into your home and expects everyone to act like I’m not there. I believe it’s best to leave the photos of your pet at home to you, because you see the honest, raw moments that a stranger doesn’t.

As a portrait and studio photographer I specialise in taking photos that you can’t get without spending a fortune on a customised studio. I use lights that freeze motion so that when your dog is chasing his tail the photo is pin sharp and not a blurry mess. Cats’ eyes show a myriad of different colours and reptiles’ scales shine.

A studio allows me to create the look and feel you want. It eliminates distractions and provides a safe, fun environment for your pet without weather mishaps. I want to capture your pet’s unique personality when they are looking their best, but most of all I want you to have fun doing it.

What can I expect from a studio session?

Once you have booked a studio session, I will call you for a chat to find out exactly what you're after. Each session is customised to you and your pet/s so you can feel in control. Studio sessions cost $150 and run for around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the number of pets. My studio is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

My studio setup includes various backgrounds, props and toys. If you would like a sombre black background with dark shadows, we can do that. If you prefer fun, light colours and bubbles then we can do that too. Or we can do both, it’s your choice.

For the smaller and more unusual pets such as snakes and lizards, I have beautiful reflective surfaces, rocks and hollow logs. If you have birds I offer different sized perches and fun bird toys. All animals are catered for and welcome; if you have a snake, ferret, hermit crab or even a squid then bring them along.

I use top of the line studio equipment designed with animals in mind. I shoot with a full-frame Canon camera and use Profoto battery-powered lights so there are no power cables to chew or trip over. Specially designed light modifiers shape the light to create different looks.

The photo paper and canvas material are on display at your session so you can pick them up and feel the quality.

After your photo session the images will be uploaded to your own personal gallery that you can browse at home and at your own pace. I hate hard sell tactics. Photos in your gallery can be shared on social media for free.

Contact me to arrange a studio session.